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Worldwide Oil Collection

How IOM Collects Oil Samples Worldwide

IOM collectors annually purchase approximately 250 oils from the Americas, 250 oils throughout the Asia-Pacific region, and 140 oils throughout Europe. Yearly collections have also begun in South Africa, Middle East, and additional regions continue to be added. The result is a database of thousands of engine oils, representing the Who’s Who of Engine Oil.

Collections are planned on the basis of market share, engine oil viscosity grade & technology, population, and geographic location. They are ongoing throughout the year allowing IOM to quickly respond to market changes.

Oils are purchased by trained collectors from a variety of retail locations including auto parts stores, superstores, dealerships, fuel stations, and truck stops. Both passenger car and heavy duty engine oils from major and minor regional blenders and manufacturers are collected in an assortment of SAE viscosity grades and industry service classifications. Only new unopened containers from the same lot are purchased and shipped to IOM headquarters. Once received, containers are inspected for damage or cross-contamination. They are then catalogued and assigned a blind-code sample ID before being sent for testing.