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Browse and select from over 19,000 oils contained in the Regional Databases and Custom Datasets. Build a separate shopping cart for Databases or Datasets (shopping carts cannot be combined).

Regional Databases

Data may be purchased here for a particular region for any year beginning with 2005. For the current year, oils collected and tested to date will appear when browsing the database by region. Data from oil collections prior to 2005 is available upon request. Data is organized into the following regional databases:

Sample IOM Engine Oil ReportIn addition to the test data, access to the data Analysis Tools and an Engine Oil Data Report are also provided for each oil in a Regional Database.

» See a sample Engine Oil Data Report

Custom Datasets

Using the data selection tool, filter the database using the criteria shown below to quickly find oils:

  • Brand Name
  • Supplier
  • SAE Grade
  • Service Class
  • Country
  • Region

When selections are made, purchase all or only specific test results for each oil. If all tests are purchased, an Engine Oil Data Report is also included. Data Analysis Tools and a preview of the demographic and oil bottle data is available with any purchase.

Tests Available for Purchase

Results on each test shown below are available for all oils in the database. Regional databases include all test results. Custom datasets may be purchased with all or select results. (Note: not all tests are available in historical data)

For a more detailed description of each test see the IOM Test Matrix


  • CCS and CCS Scan
  • Fuel Efficiency Index (Viscosity Dependent)
  • Scanning Brookfield with Gel Index and Gel Index Temperature
  • High Temp High Shear (fresh and degraded) at 100°C and 150°C
  • High Temp Low Shear (fresh and degraded) at 100°C and 150°C
  • Kinematic (fresh and degraded)
  • MRV / TP-1
  • Viscosity Index
  • Viscosity Loss Profile


  • TEOST 33C

Foaming / Emulsion / Volatility

  • E85 Emulsion
  • Foaming Characteristics
  • Noack Volatility
  • Phosphorus Emission Index
  • Simulated Distillation by GC
  • Sulfur Emission Index

Chemical Analysis / Physical Properties

  • Base Number (TBN)
  • Elemental Analysis by ICP
  • Nitrogen
  • Sulfated Ash (Calculated)
  • Sulfur